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Welcome to kidsmalta.com, Malta's most comprehensive online parenting resource. kidsmalta.com was created to help new, expectant and ‘actively trying’ parents find the information, support and reassurance they need all in one place. You will find practical advice from expert sources, including doctors, midwives, nutritionists and fellow parents.

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Hello Baby! I’m Dad
It all started about 26 years ago when my wife was pregnant with my eldest son.
How Many Omega-3s Does Your Child Need?
Wondering how much of this fatty acid is healthy for your child?
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Whether you are looking for a pediatrician or a family therapist, here is where you will find a panel of experts to address your questions, challenges, and concerns.

We will be adding more experts as time goes on too, so bookmark this page for reference! On each expert's landing page, we'll post the links to questions and answers so you can see what has been asked already.


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