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Dr Charlie Azzopardi

Dr Charlie Azzopardi is a Systemic Family Therapist. He has worked in the addictions field since the mid 1980’s when he was involved in the set up of various addictions services including San Blas, Programme Spark, and the Sedqa Family Services. Dr Azzopardi underwent extensive training in the addictions, in Psychodrama, and in Transactional Analysis in Rome.
He obtained his Master’s degree in Family Therapy from the Institute of Psychiatry in London, and his Doctorate in Systemic Psychotherapy from the University of East London in conjunction with the Tavistock Clinic.
Dr Azzopardi has had training in various other psychotherapeutic techniques including Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Strategic Therapy of which he is a practitioner.
Apart from spending more than 20 years working locally, Dr Azzopardi also worked in London within eating disorders services. For many years Dr Azzopardi was also involved clinically within various local agencies including Sedqa, Cana Movement, Richmond Foundation, Appogg, Eden Foundation, Caritas and other private organisations. He also taught at the University of Malta for several years.
Dr Azzopardi has presented papers in various conferences and also published articles on family life in local newspapers and magazines. His main interest remains the wide spectrum of family problems including marital problems, addictions, adolescent problems, and parenting.
Of special interest is the development of new therapeutic techniques that make working with families and individuals easier and accessible. He works privately in his own clinic meeting families and individuals with various difficulties.


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