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Nirvana Azzopardi

9th October 2013 UPDATE:

This interview with Nirvana Azzopardi was conducted in 2009.

We are truly saddened to hear the news of the passing away of such a wonderful person. Our heart-felt condolences go to Nirvana's family during this most difficult time.


Nirvana Azzopardi with Sam (left) and Noah (right)
Nirvana Azzopardi graduated as a Speech Therapist in 1995 and is a well-known personality in the local media, having worked as a TV presenter and producer for several years. She has lived and studied in Dublin and Sydney. In 2005 she returned to Malta where she took up a few enterprises, including Style Clinic. We ask her how the birth of her second son is affecting her busy work schedule.

1. How many children do you have?
2. What are their names and how old are they?
Sam (5 years) and Noah (4 months)
3. What was the first thought that came to mind and the first sensation that you felt when you knew that you were pregnant, for both kids?
Many conflicting sensations…..fear, excitement, worry, happiness…..but I felt an instant connection to both of them, which was overwhelming.
4. What are the three adjectives which in your experience best describe parenthood?
Challenging, rewarding and tiring!!
5. Can you mention something that your kids do which you will never forget even as the years pass by? (ie. a gesture, a word they say, a situation that took place).
I keep a journal with anecdotes and funny stories, because otherwise I would forget most of them. Sam is a funny little one and the journal is already quite full! These are two of my favourite ones.

When Sam was two and a half he went through a phase of asking everyone their name, construction workers, shop assistants, everyone. Once in Sliema a man stopped to speak to him and right on cue Sam asked what this nice man’s name was. The man said it was ‘Dennis’. So Sam (with a cheeky smile) said ‘Dennis ball or Dennis racket?!’

Earlier this year we were in London, and on the tube there was an Indian man wearing a turban, and Sam said ( not quietly) ‘Look mum, a genie’
6. How do you manage to cope with your work and two kids?
I am a cross between a ‘stay at home mum’ and a working mum really, I only work very little and mainly, from home. It is not easy being a working mum, especially with a baby. Juggling work and child rearing can be quite a challenge.
I am lucky that I managed to put together something which allows me to be home with the children but at the same time meet people and hold on to my sanity! There is never a dull moment!
7. Do you plan to have more children in the future?
The idea does have its’ appeal. I am an only child and I love big families. It’s not really on our agenda, but you never know!
8. What do you wish for your kids in their future?
I wish for them to be happy, of course. I wish for them to grow up confident, kind and fair.
9. Do you have any tips or advice that you can give to other parents to be, as regards their experience as parents?  
Read, listen to advise, inform yourself…..but ultimately follow your instincts.
10. From a mother’s point of view, how would you improve children's welfare/rights in our country?
This question would require long and hard thinking…..and being a busy mum, I don’t have enough time !!! But I would like our children to have less stress at school, more parks and open green spaces, cleaner air, safer roads, more opportunities…….I could go on and on….that’s because we all want the absolute best for our children.
However, I feel lucky to be bringing up my children in this country, for many reasons, their safety most importantly. 
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