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Estelle Calleja

Estelle Calleja is a midwife who graduated at The University of Malta in 1994. She worked in hospital and continued her career as a community midwife with MMDNA. Estelle says, "Being a midwife is a continuous challenge in everyday life".
It means meeting mum-to-be, mums, babies and the family in different settings. "Every baby has its own story."
Over the years Estelle started to think about a change but wanted to keep in line with her profession. She opened a mother and baby shop in Marsascala in 2007. A big challenge that keeps her going everyday. The Lullaby - a difference for mum and baby.
Why the slogan? The difference is that when buying baby gear Estelle can help you through her professional experience and guide you in what would be the best for you and baby. The midwifery service at The Lullaby is free.
Estelle, who lives with three cats (Wezwez, Pili and Dunx) also offers maternity and child photography. Her hobbies include Aviation photography.


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