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Dr Paul Borg Olivier


Paul Borg Olivier with wife Gloria and daughter Maria Pia
Born in Valletta in 1969, Dr Paul Borg Olivier is the present general secretary of the Maltese Nationalist Party.  Dr Paul Borg Olivier shared with Ramona Portelli and kidsmalta.com readers his viewpoints about parenthood.
How many kids do you have?
1 daughter

Names of your child/children and ages?
Maria Pia, 3 years
What were your first thoughts when you and your wife got to know you’re becoming parents for the very first time?  And what were your reactions?
Well after a seven year marriage, the news was great happiness.  It was the beginning of a new book with new chapters unfolding
Are you planning to have more kids in the near future?
It is always nice to relive the experience and give what we have given to Maria to others
Did your wife experience any difficulties during her pregnancy?
No.  With all the blessings she was very healthy


Paul with Maria Pia
How were you involved in your wife’s pregnancy?
We went through this together - It was a nice experience

In your own words, how do you describe a good parenthood?
One who can really give and share in time, love, dedication and affection with discipline and care

You are a very busy political person.  What makes you a good father?
Well I hope Maria can grow to tell me that when she is 18

What is your method of discipline as a father?
Un-spoiling love

Maria Pia at a school activity

Have you experienced any problems with schools over the years?
No, it is still the beginning and Maria loves it

What is your advice to parents to be?
Keep looking forward to all the nice moments – make them yours

What suggestions can you share with kidsmalta.com readers for a better childhood in Malta?
It is the reciprocal love and affection of parents to their children who grow to love and cherish every moment of that experience.  Childhood has no limits

Maria Pia sharing a joke

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