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Fabian Scerri de Carlo

Fabian Scerri de Carlo relaxing with his family
Local actor Fabian Scerri de Carlo, more known locally as Gawdenz, lives in Swatar and is 39 years old.  Fabian has been working in the media and theatrical sphere over the last fifteen years. He shared with Ramona Portelli and kidsmalta.com readers his viewpoints about parenthood.
How long have you been married?
14 years

How many kids do you have?
What are their names and how old are they?
Kelly 8 years and Kyle 1 year and 5 months.
What were your first thoughts when you both got to know you're becoming parents for the very first time and what were your reactions?
Thrilled but a bit apprehensive. With the second one it was more relaxing because you know what to expect.
Did your wife experience any difficulties during her pregnancies?
No.  I must say she was very lucky…..my wife is a very active woman and she kept working till the very end


Scerri de Carlo family with Minnie Mouse
How were you involved in your wife’s pregnancies?
I used to accompany my wife for the routine doctor’s visits and attend birth classes.  It was a very interesting experience…even if nothing prepares you for the real thing.

In your opinion, how do you describe a great parenthood?
Spending time together as family ..enjoying a special moment with my children…a laugh…a hug.

Can you name one thing or more, that makes your children unique and that you won't forget throughout the years?
My daughter Kelly is a very dynamic girl with a mind of her own.  She is also very inquisitive and when she was about six she asked me the origin of the sign of the cross.  She also has an incredible memory and when I am studying for a play, many times she prompts me when I forget my lines.

You are a busy media person.  How do you manage to be a good father?
When I am at home I do my very best to give quality time to my children; I participate quite a lot in all that my children do and make sure not to miss out on any of their activities. 

Fabian and family on a skiing holiday

Was there a difference in your relationship with your wife, following your child's birth?
Well ….you actually forget a bit what it was like without kids because everything revolves around them.  However in my case our relationship has strengthened from day to day.  I consider myself very lucky.

Are you planning to have more kids in the near future?
I have two children, a boy and a girl and we couldn't be happier.  I think that given today's demands two is just the right number.

Do you dream of something particular that you wish your children will do in their future?
I want them to do whatever makes them happy and to grow up healthy.
What suggestions can you share with us for a better childhood in Malta?
Less emphasis on academic subjects and more time for creativity, sports and life skills for children.

Prized possession: Fabian with son Kyle
What is your favourite part about your children's school experiences?
Concert and sports day … my daughter is very enthusiastic about these events and sharing these moments with my daughter is very important for me.
What is your method of discipline as a father?
My wife says that I am a bit too disciplined with my daughter…so I am still trying to find a right balance.
What are your children's favourite activities?
My daughter Kelly has a very creative streak. She loves acting and can draw and sing beautifully. She is a very determined and talented girl and amazes us with something new every time.  Kyle is still very young and he is what you can call a happy baby.  He likes to eat and smiles all the time.
From your experience as a parent, what are the challenges that face parents of a child nowadays?
Since my children are still relatively young for the moment we are still somehow in control.  However in 5 years time I am sure we will have to handle the peer pressure/requests to stay out late etc.

Strike a pose! Kelly and Kyle Scerri de Carlo
In your opinion, how well prepared are local schools to educate children?
I want them to do whatever makes them happy and to grow up healthy.
Do you dream of something particular that you wish your children will do
in their future?
I think that the schooling system still emphasizes too much on academic subjects and a lot of memory work and I would prefer that they put more emphasis on teaching children how to increase their self confidence so as to be able to handle any problems that may come their way.
Do you dream of something particular that you wish your children will do in their future?
None really.  My daughter attends St Monica School and she is very happy there.
What would your advice be to others who are becoming parents very soon?
Enjoy each moment …they grow up too fast!!

Little Kyle in Mum's loving arms

Fabian enjoying a ride with daughter Kelly
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