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Lee Nicholson

Lee Nicholson and Claire with their daughter Ruby Rose
Lee Nicholson is an XFM Radio Show Presenter and Professional DJ. This interview was conducted in August 2009.
How many kids do you have?
I have just the one right now, my beautiful little Princess! I also have a dog that likes to eat shoes, I call her my baby…not really sure if that counts though!
What is / are their name/s and how old are they?
My daughter is called Ruby Rose Nicholson, and she was born on the 28th December 2008 at 8:10pm at Mater Dei Hospital. So that makes her nearly 8 months old now…wow, time flies!
What was the first thought that came to mind and the first sensation that you felt when you knew that you were going to become a Dad?
Im sure any father will tell you that when they first receive the news you’re absolutely over the moon!
Then you start thinking “Ok, im going to be a Dad, how will we cope in a foreign country without the network of support that family can supply? Will we cope financially? Will I be a good parent?”

These are all thoughts that went through my head, I think fear of the unknown plays a major part, but ultimately it was excitement that overwhelmed me!
What are the three adjectives which in your experience best describe parenthood?
Only 3?! Someone said to me that becoming a parent changes you, it changes your outlook and perspective on things, and what can I say! They were right!
It made me appreciate exactly how hard my own parents worked to raise me the right way and that some things in life just fade away into insignificance when you look into the eyes of your own child. My 3 adjectives; rewarding, tiring, amazing!


Proud Daddy: Lee shows off his prized possession
In your bio-piece on the XFM Radio website (www.xfmmalta.com) you say that you would give a picture of your daughter if someone asks for perfection…  so, we take it she takes after her Mum, right?
Seriously, can you talk us through that statement.
LOL! Yes she does, I'm very lucky, her Mum (Claire) is a stunningly beautiful woman, which of course leads me to believe that Ruby will follow suit!
I think a lot of Dads will tell you that people always say “oh, he/she looks just like you” and you cant really see it yourself, but every now and again there will be a face they make, an expression or a smile and you think “oh my god, that’s a little me right there!” Ruby means the absolute world to us, and in my opinion she is perfection! (Come on admit it…she’s cute!!)

You are heavily involved in radio production and DJing in clubs and entertainment venues which limits your time that you can spend at home. How do you manage to fit in enough ‘quality time’ with your family?
Believe me its not easy! My working day starts when Ruby wakes up (thankfully Claire wakes easier than I do!) which is normally at around 8am, and then I head to Xfm to start at 10:30am. I'm the Events and PR Manager, as well as a copy writer, meaning that I write scripts, website copy, press releases etc. I’m also responsible for planning events and creating fun on air competitions and features for you all to enjoy!

At 4pm I get into the studio for the Big Drive Home with my partner in crime Jason Zammit (tune in, we’re funny!) for 3 hours of madness!

I head home at 7pm to shower, eat, change and head out to Dj at 8:30pm till what could potentially be 5:30am. My time with my family is so important to me, which means even though i'm tired when the weekend comes, that’s our time to get out and about and enjoy being with each other.
People might think that being a Dj is easy, just standing there and playing records, but believe me it isn’t! Think of it this way, the average track is 4 minutes long. I can play for up to 9 hours sometimes, that’s 15 tracks per hour, that’s 135 tracks per night…still sound easy?!

Do you plan to have more children in the future?
Definitely! I’d love to have a little boy! I have a younger sister, Claire has got 3 sisters and I’m sure that neither of us could imagine growing up as an only child. I just need to let the bank account recover a little, and we’ll see what happens! 

What do you wish for your kids in their future?
Well first of all, its up to us all to act now and ensure our children HAVE a future, the way we’re destroying our planet astounds me…

But on a personal level, I would wish that Ruby (and any future arrivals) believes in herself, believes that her dreams are not unreachable and she treats others with the same respect that she would wish to get back. Most of all, be happy! 

Ruby eagerly awaiting feeding time!

Do you feel there is enough information about parenting and support to foreigners residing and working in Malta like yourself?
When Claire and I found out we were going to be parents, amongst the jubilation was a degree of apprehension about what to expect, I think most parents go through that. An issue for us at the time was the fact that the information on the Mater Dei website was only available in Maltese.
Now, more than ever we live in a multi cultural society where diversity is not only a given, it’s a must. Thankfully that has now changed and all the information is available in English. I think the information is there, it’s just not structured very well and it almost seems like you have to call 7 different departments to find out one answer, or fill in 3 different forms that you have to collect from 2 different offices that only open between 8am and 10am on Tuesdays!
That is why websites like Kidsmalta.com are such a big help. I underestimated the value of support after the arrival of Ruby, and if there was one place where we could have gotten information such as child support, schooling and costing, mother and baby groups etc I think we would possibly have worried less. But, alas I’ve learned…im a parent now, it’s my job to worry!


On the job: DJ Lee mixing some serious music

My Dad's radio show is really funny !!
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