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Respecting our children – Positive Parenting Campaign

News added: 8th May 2014
source: gov.mt

Respecting our children
is the theme chosen for the fourth edition of the Positive Parenting Campaign by the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, emphasising on the equal respect that children should be given as family members. For the past four consecutive years, the Foundation has been marking the Child Protection Day on 8th May through an informative campaign symbolised by a blue ribbon in recognition of the commitment in preventing child abuse.

The aim of this campaign, which peaks in May but with initiatives throughout the year, is to emphasise on the parents’ and carers’ responsibility of adopting a positive parenting approach – parenting that focuses on love, encouragement, respect, discipline, care and positive environment, instead of abuse criticism, abuse and aggression, which would result in children growing up to be insecure, undisciplined and without self confidence and self esteem.

Respecting our children would improve the relationshop between the parents and the children; such relationship would help the children develop their individuality and be better at decision-making.
Positive parenting is a style of parenting which keeps away any type of abuse and respects children’s rights.

Children have the right to grow surrounded by respect and loving care. Their rights have to be safeguarded; children need to be guided when taking a decision; need the necessary support to grow up without unnecessary pressures, whilst developing their personality.

This year’s campaign is also targeting parents of children with disability. These parents are encouraged to allow their children to be independent individuals and not be overprotective. These children also have abilites which should be appreciated and encouraged.

The positive parenting campaign will be promoted through media interventions; informative adverts on radio; dissemination of informative material for parents and children accessible on Aġenzija Appoġġ’s website; prevention programmes in schools; and also information sessions for professionals who are working with children and their families aimed for later this year.

Further information on positive parenting is available on www.appogg.gov.mt or on Facebook (
Foundation for Social Welfare Services).


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