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BeSmartOnline project launched

News added: 16th March 2014

The Malta Communications Authority, Aġenzija Appoġġ and the Office of the Commissioner for Children have been working together on a project co-funded by the European Union entitled BeSmartOnline!

The project aims at raising awareness and thus empowering minors, parents and guardians, as well as educators on the safe use of the Internet by children.

In this regard schools have taken an active role with ongoing initiatives being undertaken in order to inform and equip children with the necessary tools to recognise online risks whilst empowering them to manage
their digital lives more effectively. Undeniably, parents and guardians play an essential role in ensuring the safety of their children when online and therefore are instrumental in complimenting the schools’ efforts in this regard.

In view of this, BeSmartOnline! has launched a free public session with the aim of helping you to develop “digital parenting” skills. The session has been designed in a way to suit everyone irrespective of their level of competency in the use of the Internet. The sessions will help parents and guardians understand the values that they should reinforce in their children so as to that their children may learn and explore the online environment safely.

We highly encourage your participation. The session shall last 90-minutes and shall be held in a number of Local Councils and other entities distributed in Malta and Gozo. The session will be delivered by trained proffesionals and provided for free.

For further information on how to register pllease refer to the enclosed brochure or visit www.besmartonline.org.mt 

Kindly note that registrations close on the 3rd April 2014.

In case of any queries please feel free to contact the Malta Communications Authority on 21255495.


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